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The IT sector has witnessed a great boom since past few years in the corporate world of India. Almost every office consists of computer desktops along with the associated servers according to the need and requirement in order to create a common network among all the systems of the office.

Windows VPS

A virtual private server commonly referred as a VPS runs an operating system with the help of Microsoft which acts as a server or windows server as it is said. There are various types of windows server used, among which there are some servers which use system resources quite less as compared to others.

General misconceptions about windows VPS

Lack of proper information may result in the rumors as well as misconceptions those sustain until and unless a proper clarification is been made. Some basic misconceptions about windows VPS may include-

  • Linux VPS are safer to use as compared to windows VPS.

  • It is easy to use Windows VPS hosting as compared with Linux VPS.

Why windows VPS?

The use of windows VPS India could prove to be really beneficial as it enables a company in upgrading from basic options of hosting to the resources which allows them to install e Commerce models as well as complete web sites without liable of paying a good amount of money for availing dedicated servers. It’s quite understood that Microsoft is not new in the game, so the offered software holds a lot of experience and quality technology with it. The company knows very well about the needs and requirements of its clients that’s why it is among the top most. Currently more systems are used by the operating system of windows with respect to server memory as compared to its other competitive servers.

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